Mar 012016
Mushroom Biryani | Quick Mushroom Pulao | Mushroom Rice Pilaf

I think someday my tastebuds will get salvation after constantly feeding them with different mushroom recipes. I hope that never happens in this lifetime. I get swayed when I see any new recipe with Mushrooms. Well I needn’t explain this again and again. If you follow my blog, you must have already known by now. I ….Read More….

Dec 082014
Avocado Parsley Pasta

I tasted Avocado in Guacamole for the first time in Mexico. Frankly speaking I did ‘nt like its taste. Infact, it had no significant taste, just a creamy texture. But interesting thing about Avocado is that it acquires the taste of ingredients it is blended with and then the  taste becomes amazing. Gradually, I started liking ….Read More….

Nov 272014
Italian Frittata with Mushrooms and Spinach | Italian Baked Egg Omelette with Salad

I had never tasted Frittata until one night I saw a chef preparing it on a show featuring on TLC. I was smitten by it in its very first sight. It looked simply irresistible. It was almost time for dinner and me and my husband were still wondering what to eat. And then we decided we ….Read More….

Nov 202014
 Sautéed Red Bell Pepper and Olive Pasta Salad

I was planning to make Avocado Pasta Salad for dinner so I boiled some spaghetti Pasta. On cutting open Avocado I noticed it was  still unripe. So plan changed and this recipe happened because I had already boiled the pasta. I wanted to make something mild, non cheesy and more like a salad. I sautéed some bell ….Read More….

Sep 302014
Arbi Masala Curry | Colocasia Spiced Curry | Taro Spicy Curry

Arbi or Arvi is a close kin of potato, widely available in Indian Vegetable Market during summers. Its known as Colocasia, Taro and even Eddo in English. It is much more starchy than potato and cooked in various ways. I typically like Sookhi Arbi Fried and Arbi Ajwaini, the way my mom makes it.  Last three years I ….Read More….

Sep 292014
Sabudana Tikki | Sago Vada | Tapioca Croquette

Sabudana Tikki or Croquettes are simple to make and taste simply delicious. They make a perfect Party entree. You can serve them with Pudina Chutney. The mixture can be made well in advance and cooked just before serving. Since they are without Garlic Onion, they can be enjoyed even during Navratas and other fasts.  The ….Read More….

Sep 262014
Sabudana Kheer | Tapioca Milk Pudding | Sago Pudding

Since I was a little girl I love Sabudana Kheer. More for its texture and less for its taste. The swollen tapioca /sago pearls makes it gooey and creamy.  I personally like it cold and refrigerated for the kheer becomes thick and dense. The only time I get to eat this is during Navratras when ….Read More….

Sep 182014
Healthy Kachalu Aloo Chat | Yam Potato Chat

Chat is referred to a savoury tangy snack served usually as a street food in India. It can be a mix of fruits, spices, specially chat masala, lemon, tamarind and many other combinations. There are so many types of chats, probably every city will have its own specialty. This Kachalu Aloo Chat is a specialty ….Read More….

Sep 172014
Eggless Walnut Pan Cakes

Two days back I posted the recipe of Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes, they were a big hit and requests started pouring in for me to share recipe for eggless pancakes. The challenge was to come up with a recipe which makes similar soft and fluffy pancakes without the use of Eggs. I gave them a try ….Read More….

Sep 152014
Blueberry Buttermilk Pan Cakes

Pan Cakes are my all time favourite Breakfast. And when they are with Fresh Blueberries, I don’t need anything else. They are easy and soft and ready in no time. The buttermilk makes them extra fluffy. You can make instant buttermilk at home, You don’t need to plan in advance. Just put few ingredients together ….Read More….