Sep 222016
Charred Bell Pepper and Pine Nut Pasta Recipe | Roasted Red Bell Pepper & Pine Nuts Fettuccine Pasta

Sometimes you have a special attraction towards a particular type of ingredient. You may be fascinated by its taste or simply its appearance. I have such a fetish towards bell peppers, the red ones, the yellow ones and oh the orange ones. When I find them displayed in the supermarket I wanna hoard them. I love ….Read More….

Jul 302016
Quick Vegetarian Lasagna in a Mug Recipe | Mushroom Lasagna in a Microwave

I am an extremely lazy person and when that laziness assimilates in me I look for all possible ways to cut short my work, be it cooking, exercise or anything else. Such times see emergence of use of microwave in my kitchen. I hate microwaves and use it only for reheating. I detest baking in it but ….Read More….

Jul 192016
Wild Fiddlehead Fern & Angel Hair Pasta | Pahadi Lingda with Garlic and Herb Pasta

I am always curious to try new food, especially which are localised. When monsoons engulfed the hills we were blessed with some interesting looking vegetables. They caught my attention and I decided to bring them home. They looked curvy coiling and simply gorgeous! I enquired the locals about its name and to share its recipe. It ….Read More….

Sep 302015
Healthy Broccoli Pasta | No Cream Broccoli Pasta

I have mentioned time and again that I am a die hard fan of pasta in all its forms. I don’t mind if its cheesy, boozy, creamy or simply loaded with veggies. Pasta holds a sacred place in my heart. As my little up is growing up I have seen similar or more violent streak ….Read More….

Apr 212015
Indo Chinese Vegetable Chop Suey | American Chinese Style Chopsuey | Fried Noodles with Vegetables in Sweet & Sour Sauce

Okay! All this while I thought what they serve in the Indo Chinese restaurants was American Chop suey, because the menu card said so. But its amusing to find out that this particular Chop suey is actually Indianized version of American Chopsuey. Well stop rolling your eyes! Lemme explain again. Chop suey literally means odds ….Read More….

Dec 082014
Avocado Parsley Pasta

I tasted Avocado in Guacamole for the first time in Mexico. Frankly speaking I did ‘nt like its taste. Infact, it had no significant taste, just a creamy texture. But interesting thing about Avocado is that it acquires the taste of ingredients it is blended with and then the  taste becomes amazing. Gradually, I started liking ….Read More….

Dec 312013
Sundried Tomatoes Pasta Salad

If you follow my posts you know I am a big fan of Pasta. I am on a constant voyage to look for new and exciting recipes of pasta. I stumbled upon this recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s webpage. It was like love at first sight. I brought home the ingredients and made it the ….Read More….

Dec 302013
Pasta Alla Vodka

Cooking with alcohol gives an extra kick to the dishes. Be it Grilled Chicken marinated with wine or Almond Biscotti baked with little liquor. As you add alcohol to the food you are cooking, it evaporates with heat and only thing left behind is the lingering flavour. The alcohol in the food doesn’t make you ….Read More….

Nov 212013
Spaghetti Vegetable Pasta

I confess openly that I am a dire fan of pasta. So I constantly look for different ways and means to cook it. Most of the pasta dishes can be made vegetarian. It depends on how you cook, you can make it as healthier and as cheesier you want. I stick to the one overloaded ….Read More….