Mar 232020
No Bake Foxnut and Puffed Amaranth Granola Bars

Ladies and Gentleman I am back and I am back with a lot to share. This Corona lock down has made me write all over again on my blog. The reason for disappearance was pure laziness (proud to be a lazy bum :P). Although I had been baking and cooking and posting on my Instagram ….Read More….

Sep 052019
Ukadiche Modak | Sweet Steamed Dumplings

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrated with a lot of sentiments in India. It’s also known as Vinayak Chaturdashi. This festival is to celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed God who is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Ukadiche Modak or Steamed Rice Flour Dumplings with Coconut and jaggery ….Read More….

Jul 272019
Java Plum Lemonade with Mr. Butler Sodamaker

Before we talk about this Java Plum Ginger Lemonade I wish to share with you my excitement. Recently, I came across a product which has promised to change my life in very many ways. I use soda or carbonated water in many of my recipes, for entertaining and for everyday lemonades. In hills its difficult ….Read More….

Jun 082019
Cherry Clafoutis | French Cherry Flan

I think my obsession with red fruits and vegetables is growing with growing age. Be it red bell peppers or himalayan bay berries, strawberries or cherries. I like the way they brighten my life. Specially when I see cherries it takes me back in time. My father knew how much I love cherries and at ….Read More….