Aug 142016
ส้มตำ | Thai Som Tum | Thai Green Papaya Salad Recipe

I feel salads are the most interesting way to incorporate healthy ingredients in your day to day meal. Trying out new innovative recipes keeps the excitement level up and you get to eat guilt free dishes. Small changes in dressings can make a very indigenous dish into something exotic. Therefore, same ingredients and different dressings ….Read More….

Aug 092016
Restaurant Style Malai Kofta in Air Fryer | Soft Cheese Air Fried Balls in Creamy Gravy

Its an irony how we want restaurant like food at home and homestyle food in restaurants. I live in a place where a proper restaurant is a far fetched dream. The closest fine dinning restaurant is about 40 kms away. Therefore, I would not be embarrassed if I say I wanna make restaurant like food ….Read More….

Aug 042016
Bird's Nest Breakfast Cups Recipe| Baked Hash Brown Cups with Sunny Side Up | Eggs in Baked Hash Brown Baskets

Eggs are the most convenient and loved breakfast all across the globe. In the past I have posted a lot of Egg Breakfast recipes on my blog .In the west these eggs are often accompanied with Hash Browns which are Fried Crispy Potatoes. I am a little uncomfortable with fried stuff so I decided to ….Read More….

Aug 012016
Peter Reinhart's Potato Rosemary Bread | Potato Boule with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary | Potato Rosemary & Garlic Bread with Biga

I have spent enough time in doing regular yeast breads. It was high time I started experimenting and coming out of my comfort zone. I mustered the courage to make my own Sourdough starter and guess what after a lot of effort finally my starter is ready and I am soon gonna bake a sourdough ….Read More….

Jul 302016
Quick Vegetarian Lasagna in a Mug Recipe | Mushroom Lasagna in a Microwave

I am an extremely lazy person and when that laziness assimilates in me I look for all possible ways to cut short my work, be it cooking, exercise or anything else. Such times see emergence of use of microwave in my kitchen. I hate microwaves and use it only for reheating. I detest baking in it but ….Read More….

Jul 272016
Fried Egg Over Polenta with Homemade Basil Pesto Recipe| Healthy Polenta and Egg Breakfast Idea

We are an egg loving family. For us our breakfast has to be with eggs but the same old omelette and fried eggs can be boring at times. So when I picked up this Polenta from SOS organics I was keen to make something with it. Polenta is widely used in Italy as a porridge. ….Read More….