Jun 082019
Cherry Clafoutis | French Cherry Flan

I think my obsession with red fruits and vegetables is growing with growing age. Be it red bell peppers or himalayan bay berries, strawberries or cherries. I like the way they brighten my life. Specially when I see cherries it takes me back in time. My father knew how much I love cherries and at ….Read More….

Jul 062017
Plum Ginger Jam | 4 Ingredient Plum Ginger Jam Recipe | Alubukhara Adrak Jam

Living on the hills has its own advantages and disadvantages.  One of the most amazing part of the hills is that we get access to some fresh bounty in the form of fruit, vegetables and lentils. Everything is organically grown. Last week when I went to Mukteshwar, I saw people selling fresh plums , peaches ….Read More….

Jul 192016
Wild Fiddlehead Fern & Angel Hair Pasta | Pahadi Lingda with Garlic and Herb Pasta

I am always curious to try new food, especially which are localised. When monsoons engulfed the hills we were blessed with some interesting looking vegetables. They caught my attention and I decided to bring them home. They looked curvy coiling and simply gorgeous! I enquired the locals about its name and to share its recipe. It ….Read More….

Mar 112016
Strawberry Cookies | Eggless Strawberry Cookies

On my last trip to Delhi I gathered a lot of strawberries for my experiments. Ha! I sound as if I am a mad scientist..well almost 😛 When I made the Strawberry Preserve for my family they went gaga over it and it was finished in a few days. I never have had so much ….Read More….

Nov 232015
Adrak Lehsun ka Achar | Ginger Garlic Pickle

These days you can easily find fresh ginger root sold in the markets. The newly dug ginger root is pinkish in colour and is very soft without any membranes which makes them perfect for pickling. This is a very easy recipe of Adrak Lehsun ka Achar or Ginger Garlic Pickle which I learnt from my ….Read More….

Aug 192015
Cholai Ka Saag | Stir Fried Amaranth Leaves

I just attended my brother’s wedding last week and I realised I was much plumper than before (I don’t wanna demean my self by calling fat :P). So on returning back my husband and me decided to go on good healthy diet with proper exercise. Its been a week and we still seem to be on ….Read More….

Jul 302015
Raw Mango Rice | Manga Sadam | Andhra Style Mango Rice | Mamidikaya Pulihora

This year I have been lucky for I made so many recipes with raw mangoes which I received from my home tree from my parents. I went crazy and made Instant Raw Mango Pickle South Indian Style, Sweet and Sour Mango Chutney, Aam Ka Panna, Raw Mango and Mint Chutney. When a few mangoes were ….Read More….

Jun 232015
Aalubukhara Smoothie | Plum Smoothie | Plum Mango Punch

I live in the hills where the backyard of every house is occupied by the fruit trees and those trees are laden with ripe fruits. This time of the year we get plums or Aalubukhara in abundance. Although they are easy targets of monkey menace but we manage to get some fruits for ourselves.  I am not ….Read More….

Jun 202015
Aam Ka Panna | Raw Mango Drink with Mint and Roasted Cumin

Indian summers are scorching and can take a toll on you. So it is very important to keep your self hydrated and take all necessary steps to fight against the intense Indian Summer heat. One such way is to drink Aam Panna, it is a healthy drink made from the pulp of raw green mangoes, ….Read More….

May 302015
Kacchey Aam Ka Achaar | Instant Raw Mango Pickle South Indian Style

Last week I spoke to my parents and they sounded very low. On asking the reason they said 6 buckets of raw mango fell down from our mango tree after a fierce storm. They were distributing them to our neighbors, friends and family. I told them my friend is visiting us the following day and they ….Read More….