Feb 242016
พริกแกงเผ็ด | Thai Red Curry Paste | Homemade Basic Thai Red Curry Paste

There is something about things made at home specially pickles, spice mixes, sauces, jams and many such things. They lend utmost satisfaction and give a feeling of pride. The advantage of doing them at home is not merely monetary but such things are hygienic, chemical free and do not taste like store bought industrial bottled ….Read More….

May 302015
Kacchey Aam Ka Achaar | Instant Raw Mango Pickle South Indian Style

Last week I spoke to my parents and they sounded very low. On asking the reason they said 6 buckets of raw mango fell down from our mango tree after a fierce storm. They were distributing them to our neighbors, friends and family. I told them my friend is visiting us the following day and they ….Read More….

Dec 262014
Pumpkin Pie Spice

After I posted the recipe of Pumpkin Cake Rolls, requests started pouring in for the recipe of Pumpkin Pie Spice. I promised I’ll post the recipe soon. This spice mix is so aromatic and can be made with few ingredients, probably you will have it on hand. This can be used in cakes and muffins ….Read More….

Oct 102014
Punjabi Choley Masala | Dry Spice for Authentic Punjabi Garbanzo

My Mother’s homemade Punjabi Choley Masala takes Punjabi Pindi Choley to a new level all together. It infuses the Choley or Garbanzo with Authentic Punjabi Flavour as well as gives it a dark enriching colour. I have inherited this recipe from Mommy and it never fails me.  Simply dry roast the spices and to perfection. ….Read More….