Dec 122016
Roasted Chestnuts with Salted Coffee Butter

The magic of winters can be felt in its chill.. in the way the trees gracefully shed their leaves.. tinier days spent mostly in soaking the sun.. those longer nights where just about a hot cup of Chocolate makes everything warm and cozy.. sitting by the fireplace and eating Roasted Chestnuts. That just sums up ….Read More….

Dec 062016
Apple Cinnamon Swirl Bread | Spiral Apple Bread with a Kiss of Sugar

It was an ordinary day when I was finishing my chores which involved baking a loaf of bread for the next three days. The creative part of me decided to do something offbeat therefore I kneaded some extra dough of my regular White Sandwich Bread . I let it proof till it doubled up. Then suddenly ….Read More….

Nov 102016
Punjabi Style Shalgam Ka Saag | Mashed Turnip in Indian Spices | Shaljam Ka Bhartha

Turnips are one of the most hated vegetables on the planet, this is a brutal and honest fact. This root vegetable is known as Shalgam in Hindi , শলগম Shalgom in Bengali,  Kalamohare, Sherasa in Marathi, An-tam in Mizo,  Nalla avalu in Telegu, and has many other names worldover like  swede, neeps, rapes, rapa. Irrespective of its repute ….Read More….

Feb 272016
Red Chilli & Red Bell Pepper Jam | Red Chilli and Capsicum Preserve | Red Chilli Sweet Chutney

It was a season of Red Chilies. I made about 20 kilos of Stuffed Red Chilli Pickle and was busy with its distribution all winter. I am back to my hills and I spotted more red chilies in the market. Oh man! Its my weakness. I cant resist red chillies for they are so darn pretty. Then ….Read More….

Dec 052015
Cream of Broccoli Soup with Chives | Healthy Broccoli Soup

  Winters are the best time of the year when you enjoy feasting and gorging on rich food. The body requires certain food to keep it warm. As a result we end up hogging so much that as the summers approach we are up by a few kilos. I know you are nodding in agreement. But ….Read More….

Dec 042015
Mooli aur Mooli Ke Patton Ki Sabzi | Radish & Radish Greens In Indian Spices

Winters are here in full swing and the most inviting winter produce we get in India are white long radishes. In mexico I have seen red colour variation of these. But nonetheless both are delicious in their own ways 🙂 The radish which are sold now often come with the leaves on. If you are ….Read More….

Nov 242015
Amla Chyawanprash | Ayurvedic Indian Gooseberry and Herb Jam

Chyawanprash also spelled as chyavanaprasha, chyavanaprash, chyavanaprasam is a jam like mixture of Indian Gooseberry or Amla, Jaggery and other herbs. Traditionally, it is prepared as per the instructions available in the Ayurvedic Texts. It is a comprehensive herbal tonic with wonderful health benefits. It promotes anti-aging and longevity. Apart from other benefits it also builds your ….Read More….

Nov 232015
Adrak Lehsun ka Achar | Ginger Garlic Pickle

These days you can easily find fresh ginger root sold in the markets. The newly dug ginger root is pinkish in colour and is very soft without any membranes which makes them perfect for pickling. This is a very easy recipe of Adrak Lehsun ka Achar or Ginger Garlic Pickle which I learnt from my ….Read More….

Nov 222015
Mushroom Matar | Peas and Mushroom Spicy Soup | Khumb Matar Thin Curry

One afternoon we were eating at our favourite restaurant in Mexico. It was a busy afternoon. We ordered food and were expecting it to take time and then suddenly two bowls of soup appeared in front of us. We told the waitress we never ordered this. She apologetically said your order will take another 3 minutes ….Read More….

Mar 312015
Bathua Ka Raita | Chenopodium Album Yogurt Dip | Lambsquarters Yogurt Dip

The best part about winters and spring is that you get a lot of green leafy vegetables. They are not only nutritious but also very tasty. I love to indulge in Sarson ka Saag, Palak Paneer, Methi Aloo, Methi Matar Malai every other day. But my favourite is the delicious Bathua Ka Raita. It is ….Read More….