Nov 222015
Mushroom Matar | Peas and Mushroom Spicy Soup | Khumb Matar Thin Curry

One afternoon we were eating at our favourite restaurant in Mexico. It was a busy afternoon. We ordered food and were expecting it to take time and then suddenly two bowls of soup appeared in front of us. We told the waitress we never ordered this. She apologetically said your order will take another 3 minutes ….Read More….

Nov 022015
Cous Cous Pilaf | Couscous Vegetable Pulao | Mixed Vegetable Couscous Pulav

Its been a few months now I have been maintaining the regime to eat healthy and exercise daily. Luckily I have been able to shed a few kilos (Happy Dance!!) but a few kilos are still to go. I have been eating everything but in control and avoiding sugar and fried food as much as ….Read More….

Apr 252015
Malai Bell Pepper Mushroom | Mushroom Bell Pepper in White Sauce

I needn’t say again and again that how much I love mushrooms. My unconscious mind plans to make all possible mushroom recipes on earth 😛 . When I am surfing the net my hand stops where my eyes are fixed and my heart skips a beat, you know I am looking at a new mushroom recipe ….Read More….