Nov 162016
Baby Corn Mushroom Masala | Baby Corn & Mushroom in Rich Cashew Gravy

We all are aware about the current financial crisis in India as a result of demonetization. I am sure this is a rough patch for all of us and I pray that soon it shall pass. In the meanwhile sit tight and control your expenses. Try to eat at home most of the time and do not panic. ….Read More….

Apr 252015
Malai Bell Pepper Mushroom | Mushroom Bell Pepper in White Sauce

I needn’t say again and again that how much I love mushrooms. My unconscious mind plans to make all possible mushroom recipes on earth 😛 . When I am surfing the net my hand stops where my eyes are fixed and my heart skips a beat, you know I am looking at a new mushroom recipe ….Read More….

Mar 152015
Methi Matar Malai | Fenugreek Leaves with Peas in Creamy Sauce

  Methi Leaves or Fenugreek leaves are widely available in winters. The slight bitterness in these leaves brings an interesting flavour to the dish. Usually in my kitchen I make Fenugreek with Potatoes or as we call it in hindi, Aloo Methi . But this time I wanted to try something new so tried cooking ….Read More….