Oct 272017
Restaurant Style Rajma Masala | Red Kidney Beans in Thick Gravy

Being a Punjabi, I have a strong bond with food. We punjabis live, fight and die for food in all sense. There are special dishes which have a deep connection with us, like Kaddhi Chawal, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni, Langar wali daal, Rajma Chawal and the list goes on and on.  In some households its ….Read More….

Jul 192017
Restaurant Style Mughlai Shahi Paneer | Cottage Cheese Cubes in White Aromatic Gravy

So a couple of days back my blog’s following on FB touched a 12k milestone! It may be nothing to many but I know how this journey has been.. a lot of effort, bit of struggle, bucket full of patience but at the end I have received Heaps of Love from all of you and ….Read More….

Nov 162016
Baby Corn Mushroom Masala | Baby Corn & Mushroom in Rich Cashew Gravy

We all are aware about the current financial crisis in India as a result of demonetization. I am sure this is a rough patch for all of us and I pray that soon it shall pass. In the meanwhile sit tight and control your expenses. Try to eat at home most of the time and do not panic. ….Read More….

Sep 252015
Mutton Rogan Josh | Kashmiri Lamb Curry | Kashmiri Goat Curry

This is that post of the month where I cook and present according to the theme in Spatula Force’s Monthly Challenge. It’s a group of talented bloggers who have come together to try new cuisines, new dishes out of the ordinary. This month’s theme was hosted by me and it was an opportunity to explore Kashmiri Cuisine. ….Read More….

Aug 242015
Kadhai Mushroom | Mushrooms in Dry Spicy Gravy

Mushroom!! I am a self proclaimed biggest mushroom fan. This fact is not unknown. My blog is an evidence of this as it is full of mushroom and bread recipes. Not to mention there are so many more in the pipeline ;). My love for mushroom has grown leaps and bounds over years. This recipe of ….Read More….

Nov 222013
Shahi Paneer | Melting Cottage Cheese Cubes in Cashew Based Gravy

  Shahi means Royal for the richness of its gravy. Honestly, I never tried making Shahi Paneer at home. I always had an idea that it is super rich and will invite calories. But this Diwali I wanted to make something for Dinner table which was different and little special for the occasion. I found a recipe ….Read More….