Sep 262018
Malai Paneer | Creamy Cottage Cheese

Paneer or Cottage Cheese is one of the most trusted and popular ingredient specially for vegetarians in India. It can be used in so many recipes and  the outcome is always rich, soft and creamy. Other paneer recipes I have posted on my blog require some sort of preparation and time. But this malai paneer ….Read More….

Jul 192017
Restaurant Style Mughlai Shahi Paneer | Cottage Cheese Cubes in White Aromatic Gravy

So a couple of days back my blog’s following on FB touched a 12k milestone! It may be nothing to many but I know how this journey has been.. a lot of effort, bit of struggle, bucket full of patience but at the end I have received Heaps of Love from all of you and ….Read More….

Jun 092017
Achari Paneer | Cottage Cheese Cubes in Spicy Indian Pickle Gravy

I have been making a lot of pickles lately! Why not after all its summers and its the best time of the year when you can pickle your fruits and veggies and let them soak sume sun. I have just finished making Punjabi Aam ka Achar , you can see it in the pictures. I ….Read More….

Nov 222013
Shahi Paneer | Melting Cottage Cheese Cubes in Cashew Based Gravy

  Shahi means Royal for the richness of its gravy. Honestly, I never tried making Shahi Paneer at home. I always had an idea that it is super rich and will invite calories. But this Diwali I wanted to make something for Dinner table which was different and little special for the occasion. I found a recipe ….Read More….