Aug 042016
Bird's Nest Breakfast Cups Recipe| Baked Hash Brown Cups with Sunny Side Up | Eggs in Baked Hash Brown Baskets

Eggs are the most convenient and loved breakfast all across the globe. In the past I have posted a lot of Egg Breakfast recipes on my blog .In the west these eggs are often accompanied with Hash Browns which are Fried Crispy Potatoes. I am a little uncomfortable with fried stuff so I decided to ….Read More….

Jul 272016
Fried Egg Over Polenta with Homemade Basil Pesto Recipe

We are an egg loving family. For us our breakfast has to be with eggs but the same old omelette and fried eggs can be boring at times. So when I picked up this Polenta from SOS organics I was keen to make something with it. Polenta is widely used in Italy as a porridge. ….Read More….

Sep 072015
Italian Almond Biscotti | Twice Baked Almond Cookies

I remember first time I baked them I was in Mexico and we were making a trip to the State of Michoacan to the Butterfly Sanctuary to witness a spectacular Event. There are millions of Monarch Butterflies. You can see them flying around and almost obscuring the sky. You will hear the fascinating sound of their wings ….Read More….

May 272015
Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake

Last time I made this cake was for my Hommie’s Birthday in Mexico. That time I was a beginner. I still remember how I had rejoiced when it had come out soft and delicious. I wanted to make this again and was looking for occasions, And one day I just decided to heck to occasion ….Read More….

Apr 302015
Anda Curry | Egg Curry with Aromatic Spices | Boiled Eggs in Flavorful Curry | Egg Curry Masala

Egg Curry defies the rule that eggs are only for breakfast. When boiled eggs are tossed in aromatic spiced curry it makes an incredible lunch or dinner option. All this while I was making egg curry without following any particular way.. simply make curry and throw in boiled eggs. I would sometimes cut eggs into half.. the ….Read More….

Nov 272014
Italian Frittata with Mushrooms and Spinach | Italian Baked Egg Omelette with Salad

I had never tasted Frittata until one night I saw a chef preparing it on a show featuring on TLC. I was smitten by it in its very first sight. It looked simply irresistible. It was almost time for dinner and me and my husband were still wondering what to eat. And then we decided we ….Read More….

Nov 242014
Aloo Patty | Phyllo Triangles Stuffed with Potatoes | Stuffed Phyllo Pastries

I love Aloo Patty. This love began when I was in School. My school canteen used to sell Stuffed potato pastries or as we North Indians call it Aloo Patty (How Funny! Patty is the croquettes or tikki inside a burger but we call them as patty). Anyways! That patty was and is the best I ….Read More….

Nov 182014
Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes

  Pancakes are the most delicious breakfast which can be made in a jiffy. They are also known as Hotcakes, Griddlecakes or Flapjacks. They can be sweet or savoury. Each country has its own style of making them with unique toppings or ingredients. Apple Cinnamon Pancakes are a classic combination. Filling, Fast and yet so ….Read More….

Oct 082014
Pumpkin Cake Rolls | Halloween Special Pumpkin Rolls

Honestly, my love for Pumpkin was never sudden. Infact I always considered pumpkin as a vegetable to make Indian cuisines or my Grandmother’s delicious Kaddu ka Halwa . Until Mexico happened and that is were I discovered that pumpkin is more than we think it to be. My respect for pumpkin grew overnight as I  started ….Read More….

Sep 152014
Blueberry Buttermilk Pan Cakes

Pan Cakes are my all time favourite Breakfast. And when they are with Fresh Blueberries, I don’t need anything else. They are easy and soft and ready in no time. The buttermilk makes them extra fluffy. You can make instant buttermilk at home, You don’t need to plan in advance. Just put few ingredients together ….Read More….