Nov 242014
Aloo Patty | Phyllo Triangles Stuffed with Potatoes | Stuffed Phyllo Pastries

I love Aloo Patty. This love began when I was in School. My school canteen used to sell Stuffed potato pastries or as we North Indians call it Aloo Patty (How Funny! Patty is the croquettes or tikki inside a burger but we call them as patty). Anyways! That patty was and is the best I ….Read More….

Nov 142014
Turkish Börek with Feta and Spinach | Phyllo Pastry Spinach Pie

During my years in Mexico I met a wonderful Turko-Chino friend Manly. She was a big support when I was expecting a baby in a foreign land. How can I ever forget her selfless love and kind deeds. This post is dedicated to you Manly!   After I delivered a healthy baby with God’s grace, ….Read More….