Jul 262015
Baked Paneer Corn Kababs | Oven Fresh Cottage Cheese & Vegetable Croquettes

Its raining cats and dogs as Monsoon is here in full swing. One tends to get carried away with the pleasant weather and feel like indulging in fried pakodas or tikkis or something sinful accompanied with a hot cup of tea. I am one of you , guilty of indulgence. The other day I came across this ….Read More….

Jun 022015
Arbi Ke Patte Ke Patode | Colocassia Leaf Rolls | Arbi Patra

I first ate Arbi Ke Patte Ke Patode when my friend brought this in office during lunch. I relished its taste so much that the memory stayed fresh in my mind in spite of all these years. Then the other day my maid asked me if I use colocassia leaves or arbi k patte for cooking. ….Read More….

May 172015
Bubliki | Russian Bagels with Poppy and Sesame Seeds

Some time back I had posted recipe of Classic Russian Borsch on my blog. I had also mentioned how my husband was fond of Bubliki, a Russian style Bagel during his early years in Russia. I wanted to make this bagel bread for him to unite him to his favourite childhood snack. I looked for ….Read More….

Oct 082014
Pumpkin Cake Rolls | Halloween Special Pumpkin Rolls

Honestly, my love for Pumpkin was never sudden. Infact I always considered pumpkin as a vegetable to make Indian cuisines or my Grandmother’s delicious Kaddu ka Halwa . Until Mexico happened and that is were I discovered that pumpkin is more than we think it to be. My respect for pumpkin grew overnight as I  started ….Read More….

Nov 152013
Spiced Raisin Coffee Cake | Raisin Cake with Walnut Streusel Topping

I always say baking is so therapeutic . I love to bake whenever I am low or I am happy or I have nothing else to do. I always wanted to learn baking but there was no one in my family who had prior experience in baking. So I started searching internet and after a ….Read More….