Apr 112016
Tangy Mint Potatoes | Chatpatey Pudina Aloo

Its the third day of Navratras, the holy week of fasting for Hindus. Already I am tired of eating Sama Ke chawal ki Khichdi, Halwa, Phirni, Sabudana Khichdi, Sabudana Tikki and even the new Tapioca Pudding with Coconut Milk I tried a day back. The problem with me is I have to find something new ….Read More….

Apr 092016
Kacchi Haldi ka Achar | Fresh Turmeric Pickle with Green Mangoes | Amba Haldi Pickle | Mango Ginger Pickle

Turmeric is a gift from Nature and has numerous health benefits. Its has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is used in Ayurveda medicine in India. In India and in other South East Asian Countries turmeric powder is used in everyday cooking in curries, in baking, in stews and plenty other dishes.  When I saw ….Read More….

May 302015
Kacchey Aam Ka Achaar | Instant Raw Mango Pickle South Indian Style

Last week I spoke to my parents and they sounded very low. On asking the reason they said 6 buckets of raw mango fell down from our mango tree after a fierce storm. They were distributing them to our neighbors, friends and family. I told them my friend is visiting us the following day and they ….Read More….

Nov 112014
Bharwan Lal Mirch ka Achaar | Stuffed Red Pepper Pickle

Indians go bonkers over pickles. No Indian meal is complete without a tangy spicy piece of pickle and pappad. Pickle may be understood as baby cucumbers sliced and dipped in brine to any person other than an Indian. However, in India pickle is much more than just some humble vegetables soaked in vinegar. Its a ….Read More….