Jul 302015
Raw Mango Rice | Manga Sadam | Andhra Style Mango Rice | Mamidikaya Pulihora

This year I have been lucky for I made so many recipes with raw mangoes which I received from my home tree from my parents. I went crazy and made Instant Raw Mango Pickle South Indian Style, Sweet and Sour Mango Chutney, Aam Ka Panna, Raw Mango and Mint Chutney. When a few mangoes were ….Read More….

May 252015
Instant Ragi Dosa | Instant Finger Millet Flour Crepes | Manduwa Ka Dosa

Finger Millet also known as Ragi or Manduwa or Maddua is a gluten free cereal which is very widely consumed in Uttrakhand where I live now. Other than Uttrakhand it is a popular millet used in South Indian Cuisine. It is a rich source of amino acid methionine.  In Kumaoni Cuisine Maddua plays a very important role for it is ….Read More….