Apr 092015
Attey Ka Halwa Gurudwara Style | Whole Wheat Flour Halwa | Kadda Prashad | Karha Prasad

  Kadda Prashad or Prasad or Prasada is a dense pudding made with whole wheat flour and clarified butter or ghee offered to devotees at all Sikh Gurudwaras or temples across the globe. It is deliciously sinful but also very easy to make. Its ladden with ghee and has a lot of calories but once ….Read More….

Mar 232015
Swang Ke Chawal Ka Halwa | Barnyard Millet Aromatic Pudding

Barnyard Millets or Swang Ke Chawal are mostly used during the fasting period when cereals and other grains are abstained. Swang ke chawal is not rice but belongs to millet family. It is know by various names like, Samvat, Sama, Vari, Varai, Samwa, Jhangora, Samo, Morio, Mario, Moraiaya, Bhagar & Kuthirai Vaali. This cereal is ….Read More….

Sep 202014
Kaddu ka Halwa | Pumpkin Halwa with Melon Seeds

Kaddu or Pethey ka halwa is very close to my heart because it reminds me of my Nani, my maternal grandmother. I used to spend a considerable time of my summer vacations as my Nani‘s house. Being the first grand daughter of my Grand Parents I was always given special attention. Not that my younger ….Read More….