Jan 162017
Gurr Gajar Ke Meethey Chawal | Sweet Jaggery Carrot Rice Pudding

I know I have been showing up after a while. When I am home with my family I dont get time to blog. Life is all busy with socializing, shopping, yapping, some baking workshop and lazying around. Last week I spent on the beaches of Goa and when I returned to Delhi it was freezing ….Read More….

Jan 132015
Tilkoot | Pounded Sesame balls with Jaggery

Its Makarsankranti, the festival of harvest celebrated by Hindus in India and Nepal. It has a special significance as it marks arrival of Spring in India and it is a traditional event. We celebrate this day by making sweets with Jaggery and Sesame. This tilkoot is made by pounding sesame and mixing it with melted ….Read More….