Nov 062016
Pan De Muerto | Mexican Traditional Bread of the Dead for Dia De Muerto

Being a mother of a Mexican boy, I hold the burden to keep his Mexican traditions alive. October 31st – November 2nd is observed as Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead in Mexico. Its an ancient Aztec Festival where the deceased are fondly remembered. Its very similar to Sharaad in India. Each household ….Read More….

Sep 042014
Chilies en Nogada | Mexican Stuffed Chili Poblano in Walnut Sauce

Chilies en Nogada is a dish from Mexican Cuisine, made from milder variety of Chilies known as Chili Poblano. The Chilies are stuffed with filling made from meat and fruits and walnut sauce is poured on top. Therefore, the term Nogada comes from Nogal which in Spanish means Walnut Tree.  This dish has a historical significance and ….Read More….

Dec 152013
Consomé de Pollo con Arroz | Mexican Chicken Soup With Rice

Chicken Soup is a popular healthy soup made in all parts of the world. Each Cuisine makes it in its own unique way by adding its special Secret Ingredient. I was a Vegetarian in India before I came to Mexico, so I had no knowledge of how to cook any non vegetarian dishes including chicken soup. ….Read More….