Oct 312016
Keema Bharwan Chichinda | Stuffed Snake Gourd with Minced Chicken | Stuffed Padwal

Every household has its unique eating habits. One vegetable or dish may be a regular affair for some however, unheard for many others. This depends on the culture, place and availability of resources. When I was in Mexico I explored so many local produce and included them in my daily menu and when destiny brought ….Read More….

Aug 302015
Stuffed Mushroom and Spinach Braided Bread | Mushroom Spinach Stromboli

Ever since I have perfected the art of baking a simple sandwich bread I like to experiment with my bread dough. I love to braid it, stuff it and do all sorts of crazy things with it. It is not just fun but the experience is both pleasing and delicious . I had been eyeing ….Read More….

Jul 132015
Bharwan Baingan | Stuffed Baby Eggplants & Roasted Potatoes | Spicy Stuffed Brinjal | Stuffed Aubergine

Punjabis Love spices. There is no denial to this fact. They gorge on chillies and love spicy food. Being a punjabi myself I cannot accept bland, tasteless food. Some of the dishes are signature from a punjabi household like Kaddhi Chawal, Bharwan Karela, Dal Makhani, Langar wali Daal, Gobhi Ke Danthal and much much more. ….Read More….

Apr 182014
Bharwan Karela | Stuffed Bitter Gourd

Bharwan Karela also known as Stuffed Bitter Gourd is a specialty from the state of Punjab. When I married a Pahari, i.e. some one from hills, my Mother-in-law told me that her son hates karela and a few more vegetables. Everytime she makes them at home he makes faces and finds something else to eat. ….Read More….