Jun 052017
Fresh Apricot and Coriander Chutney | Khumani aur Dhaniye Ki Chutney | Khubani Ki Chutney

A few days back I have made this delicious Apricot and Almond Cake. I had a handful Apricots left from baking. Incidentally,  I was talking to my friend Kanika and she told me she just made fresh apricot chutney. I was intrigued to try it. When I saw the picture of her chutney on instagram I immediately went ….Read More….

May 312017
Aam Ki Launji | UP Style Raw Mango Chutney with Nigella Seeds

Every year my father sends us raw green mangoes from his yard. They are in abundance and which means I get to try so many different recipes. But honestly I find this as an excuse. I clearly enjoy trying out new ways to utilize these green raw beauties. Last year I tried Kaccha Aam Aur Lehsun ….Read More….

May 012016
Italian Basil Pesto | Fresh Basil Pinenut Salsa

  Authentic Italian Pesto needs no prelude. If you have pesto in your pantry I can assure you, you can do so many things with it. It makes fabulous pasta dishes, makes a delicious marinade for your meats, a lip smacking filling for the Bread and the list is endless. Last time I made a huge ….Read More….

Apr 302016
Kaccha Aam Aur Lehsun Chutney | Raw Mango Garlic Spicy Chutney

My Love for Mango is growing with my age. Its not just the ripe pulpy mangoes which makes my heart  skip a beat but also the green mangoes which are ideal for making pickles and chutneys. I have a lot of green mango recipes on my blog like the Instant Raw Mango Pickle, Sweet and ….Read More….

Apr 142016
Parsley Pistachio Pesto | Parsley Pistachio Salsa

Last week we baked some beautiful buns and decided to make some burgers for dinner. I decided to make Broccoli Patties for the burger but then I thought I dont have any sauce to go with it. I dont like (read “hate”) ketchup. Then something struck me, I had a lot of Parsley which was ….Read More….

Mar 082016
Green Ber Ki Chutney | Indian Plum & Mint Dip | Smooth Minty Jujube Salsa

Yesterday was MahaShivaratri, a Hindu festival  which is celebrated on the fourteenth day of every lunar month or the day before the new moon. It has a special significance for those who are on a spiritual path. A lot of Shaivas, devotees of Shiva observe fast on this day.  Around this time of the year the ….Read More….

Jun 232015
Aalubukhara Chutney | Fresh Plum Spiced Chutney

In my last post I had made Fresh Plum Smoothie with the left over plums from my pantry. I was not very sure how this chutney would turn out because the store bought plum chutney do not appeal to me in taste. So I made a small jar to try it out.  This recipe failed ….Read More….

Jun 202015
Raw Mango Chutney with Mint and Coriander | Kacchey Aam Ki Chutney with Pudina and Dhaniya

Few days back I had posted recipe of Khatti Meethi Kacchey Aam ki Chutney. I still had some raw mangoes from the 10 kg bag my parents had sent me. Ohh yess its raining Mangoes! I had already made Raw Mango Pickle South Indian Style and also the Sweet and Sour Raw Mango Chutney. My ….Read More….

Jun 112015
Khatti Meethi Kacchey Aam Ki Chutney | Sweet and Sour Raw Mango Chutney

Some time back I had posted the recipe of Instant Raw mango Pickle South Indian style and stated how I had to use 10 kg of raw mangoes sent to me by my parents. In the pursuit of using them wisely I also made this khatti Metthi Aam ki Chutney. It was my first time to ….Read More….

Dec 132014
Tomato Onion Garlic Chutney | Tomato Garlic Chutney for Dosa | South Indian Style Tomato Garlic Chutney

I have already expressed my undisputed love for South Indian Cuisine. I love the sweet flavour of Kaddhi Patta or Curry Leaves and the pungent tasting tempering of Mustard Seeds. This chutney imbibes both these delicious flavours. This Chutney is so versatile that you can use it as a side dish for your Idli, both ….Read More….